Spoon dishes Bellota

Market cuisine

Eating well is not a sin.

Vinos de Bellota makes a selection of off-the-shelf dishes every week that allow you to enjoy our cuisine.

Tuesday January 21.

Caviar lentils with sausage and mushrooms.

Wenesday January 22.

Potatoes scrambled with torrezno.

Thusday January 23.

Baked rib with barbecue sauce.

Friday January 24.

Cooked rice from Madrid and its harnesses.

Saturday January 25.

Migas del pastor cuconas (Fuencaliente – La Mancha).

Sunday January 26.

Callus with chickpeas.

Suggestion of the week according to the chef.

Roasted pepper and feta cheese omlet with caramelized onion.

Salad of Galician lettuce, canons, sprouts of garlic, goat cheese and vinaigrette cane and mustard dijón.

Recommended dessert.

Puding fruits with chocolate ice cream.

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